More Troubling Information:

Beginning late December 2016, MX Properties, Inc began receiving harassing and demeaning emails from an individual who was "supposedly" with the transaction involving Carmen De Souza and John S Diak. At this moment in time, MX officials cannot release this person's identity because he was not disclosed in either of Carmen De Souza's inducement or confirmation letters. What we can say is that this "gentleman" made false and inflammatory statements regarding the "alleged" conduct of MX Properties, Inc. We regard the inflammatory statements as quite libelous in nature due to the harsh terms that he utilized in the emails. In essence this "gentleman" accused MX Properties, Inc as criminal in its behavior. Let it be strongly stated for the record that MX Properties, Inc in any way ever acted in a fraudulent or dishonest manner at all. This man's emails we believe came from the pressure that consultant John S Diak & Carmen De Souza placed upon him to intimidate and shift the focus away from the absolute truth. MX Properties, Inc at all times acted in complete good faith and complied promptly with Carmen De Souza's inducement / demand letter of 16/11/2016. We continue to warn this "gentleman" that he has made statements in writing that contain no merit whatsoever and have warned him to refrain from making any future comments that will most certainly cause intense legal problems for him. This "gentleman" needs to clearly understand that he has just made matters much, much worse for those directly involved in this conflict!

Lawyers in Lisbon - Beware!:

The facts of this matter are indisputable. On 16/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc was provided a letter composed by Lisbon Attorney Carmen De Souza to its consultant, Mr John S Diak. In this letter, Lawyer De Souza induced / demanded MX Properties, Inc to pay $11000 for "fees" for the release of its initial funding of $5mm EURO. This was to be followed by larger funding payments in the following weeks.. To be clear, the nature of the "fees" were never disclosed to MX. Further, Ms De Souza's letter clearly stated that MX Properties, Inc would receive its  funding "immediately".

Seeing that the inducement letter came from an attorney, MX Properties was comfortable in wiring the finds to the coordinates that attorney Carmen De Souza provided, and on 18/11/2016, MX wired $11000 USD as was required in good faith. The same day, MX Properties, received a follow up letter addressed to Mr Diak stating that Carmen De Souza had in fact "instructed the 'bank' for 'doing' the payments".  The letter went on to state that the "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". MX was now under the certain impression that the long awaited transaction would now be completed as promised by Carmen De Souza.

After a few days of non performance as per Ms De Souza's letter, MX Properties, Inc started to become very concerned. Immediately thereafter, MX began outreach attempts to Carmen De Souza in an effort to determine the status of its funding. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. MX Properties consistently emailed Ms De Souza to inquire the nature of the on going problem with its funding; however, attorney De Souza ignored all requests made by our company. Despite being continually rebuffed by Lisbon Portugal Carmen de Souza, MX continued every day to keep communication lines opened without success.

MX Properties, Inc certainly does not wish any ill will towards attorney Carmen De Souza. MX only wishes to be treated with the dignity and respect that it is owed. MX from the vey beginning operated in complete good faith and now expects for the transaction to be completed.